Black Panther

Marvel, I would say that you’ve made another pretty good movie, but this is better than “pretty good”. It’s an outstanding movie, and one of Marvel’s finest. I can only think of a few Marvel movies that are better. I don’t think any other movie besides Thor Ragnarok has a better pair of villains than Black Panther. Klaue is an interesting villain,but that’s not the main villain. Killmonger is the best MCU villain besides Grandmaster, but I love both of them for completely different reasons. Grandmaster is delightfully silly, while Killmonger is not that AT ALL. He’s a murderous revenge seeker, but his backstory is so sad and tragic that I just can’t help feeling bad for the guy. Michael B. Jordan is amazing as the role, and brings so much to it. Now, Ramonda is a pointless character, and I can barely remember anyone’s name. But other than that, it’s a very good movie anyone should watch.