Sony. Sony,Sony,Sony,Sony. Sony. Sony almost never makes good movies. Is this a good movie? No. Is it a bad movie? Kinda. Is it an enjoyable movie? For the most part. Venom is a weird mix of a movie that really wants to be good, and a movie that is Sony’s usually focus-tested carbon copy garbage. Some parts of this movie I hate. But I really like some parts too. It will give you really mixed emotions. The first half of the movie is really bad. Like, really, really bad. It’s convoluted, has no emotional value, awful backstories. It’s just…ugh. Usual Sony crud. However, when he, Eddie, gets Venom, which the way he gets it is just really stupid (a homeless woman jumps out at him and spits Venom into him),the movie gets..weirder.Eddie, the main character, starts to eat dumpster chicken and frozen tater tots. Then he goes to a restaurant and eats the head of a live lobster. When Venom starts talking, however, the movie gets a lot better. The character of Venom is great, and although this looks like a horror movie, it is actually one of the funniest buddy comedies in years. Venom, the character, made me laugh at least 5 times. However, the villain in this movie, Riot, is just…usual Sony stuff. Anyway, this movie gets 2 and a half stars, although it will say 2 stars down below.