Another year - year 24 in our annals (the second 'n' is optional) - has passed, a champion has been crowned, and the cool ones look forward to the most wonderful time of the year - draft weekend in Vegas. In the meantime, we look back at 2019 with our Year End Awards.

Most Valuable Player
Lamar Jackson, QB, BAL, who outscored all other fantasy players by 33 points, and outdid his preseason projections by 92 points. He is setting a (the?) model for the QB of the future, an equal threat with his arm and legs. Jackson almost single-handedly got the Jellies to the playoffs, and tried his best to advance them but got little help from the Steeler heavy lineup.

Least Valuable Player
As usual, there's a lot of candidates for this one. Skipping the injurious ones - JuJu Smith Schuster, Alvin Kamara, and others - we have to look that those that were reasonably healthy but simply did not live up to their preseason hype, fantasy predictions and their draft position. Given this criteria, we'll give the award to Odell Beckham Jr, WR, CLE. A second round pick, and expected top receiver, his measly 3 TDs for 18 points were 41 points under his projections, and 48 under the top WR. Much like his team, he was a big fantasy disappointment.

Team the Fates Were Cruelest Towards
The criteria for this award is pretty simple - have playoff worthy total points but miss out on the playoffs due to unfortunate scheduling, defense or whatever. This year, it's a tie: StL Yeah Dudes, who finished 6th in overall scoring, but only managed a 4-9-1 record and 10th place. Because we want to make him feel better, we'll also give it to Kameron Krazies, who didn't have a great season point-wise but scrapped his way to finishing a measly .5 points out of the final playoff spot. The irony of this is who finished that .5 points ahead of them... see below.

Luckiest Team
Reversing the criteria for the Fates, this one goes to the team that doesn't score a lot of points, but still finds their way into the playoffs. Buzzard's Boozers who were outscored their opponents on the season by 80(!!) points, but managed a 7-7 record and playoff 6 seed, eking in by .5 points. They rode this luck all the way to a hot playoff run and his 2nd JIT Championship.

Best Late Round Draft Pick
Maybe there's a method to the madness... nah, who are we kidding. We will, however, give the this award to the Raunchy Rebels for choosing John Brown with the 135th pick. Not a huge season, but had 40 fantasy points and was a consistent performer in a previously dead zone area for WRs - Buffalo.

Best Transaction
We actively sought out a a transaction that helped a team win in the playoffs. To this end, we'll give it to Buzzard's Boozers for 2 transactions: Sam Darnold, QB, NYJ for A.J. Brown, WR, TEN, and Jack Doyle, TE, IND for Dallas Goedert, TE, PHI. The former dropped a worthless QB for a late season productive WR, and the latter scored a championship week TD after Zach Ertz got injured and which wound up being the difference in the championship scoring.

Most Meaningless Transaction
Oh come on, just pick any of the Hoodlums 47 transactions. At least they're free...

All JIT Team
QB: Lamar Jacons, BAL (Jellies) - 186 points
RB: Aaron Jones, GB (Swingers) - 114 points
RB: Christian McCaffery, CAR (Snatch) - 110 points
WR: Kenny Golladay, DET (Rebels) - 66 points
WR: Chris Godwin, TB (Jellies) - 56 points
TE: Mark Andrews, BAL (Snatch) - 60 points
K: Harrison Butker, KC (Clowns) - 140 points
DST: Patriots, NE (Clowns) - 44 points

All "less than 10 Points For the Season" Team
QB: Cam Newton, CAR - 0 points
RB: Dion Lewis, TEN- 6 points
RB: Darrell Henderson, LA - 0 points
WR: Antonio Brown, OAK/NE/FA - 6 points
WR: AJ Green, CIN - 0 points
TE: David Njoku, CLE - 6 points
K: Greg Joseph, TEN - 4 points
DST: Cowboys, DAL - 6 points
Combined you come up with a total of 28 points, which is 2 more points than 72 year old Jason Witten scored.

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