Are we not men? We are JIT.
Any tome on who we are and what we are about could contain so many things, most of which are 'R' rated and unfit for children. However, we'll cover a few things and maybe shed some light on the mystery that is "JIT".
Additional information can be found in the JIT FAQ and History pages.
JIT was founded in 1996 by 6 employees of the Jacksonville Jaguars as a TD-only league, tracking scores with a newspaper and Excel. The name came from J I T Electric, a company with season tickets for the Jaguars.
Today the league has expanded to 12 teams and is nationwide, both through expansion and team movement.
  1. Blowsticks - Tampa, FL
  2. Buzzard's Boozers - Charlotte, NC
  3. CA Snatch - San Diego, CA
  4. Cleveland Clowns - Jacksonville, FL
  5. Delaware Destroyers - Georgetown, DE
  6. Denver Swingers - Denver, CO
  7. Fish Clubbers - Jacksonville, FL
  8. Hadley Hoodlums - Jacksonville, FL
  9. Ky Jellies - St Petersburg, FL
  10. Ryan's Raunchy Rebels - Tallahassee, FL
  11. StL Yeah Dudes - Brooklyn, NY
  12. Vandelay Industries - Columbus, OH
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