Many of the uninitiated often ask questions about our little endeavour, why we are the way we are. Hopefully the following FAQ will answer some of the more important and pressing questions.
Q: What the hell kind of name is JIT?
A: The league was founded by 6 employees of the Jacksonville Jaguars. While sitting around at work discussing the league (instead of working), we were trying to think of a name for the league. Tobey VanWormer had a customer account up on his screen: JIT Electric. Why not JIT League? Why not indeed. In the classic case of legendary names and ideas just happening under least probable circumstances, the league name was discovered and stuck. (For further proof, see the screen shot of the JIT Electric Jaguars' customer account screen.)

Q: Why are you a touchdown only league?
A: Since the league was started in 1996, before the days of ubiquitious internet fantasy sites, the scoring was done by hand with a newspaper and spreadsheet. Not wanting to waste our entire lives calculating these things, we just did touchdowns. As we moved to the internet era, we could have switched to a yardage league. Four reasons we have not: One, we don't ever want to have to sit in front a computer to figure out how we are doing. We are after all, sports fans. It's much easier to keep track of TDs in a sports bar then TDs and yards. Second, it keeps the scores more "realistic", like 35-30 rather than 165-141. Third, because of Q#3 below, the commish still has to tally the scores himself, though online now. Finally, it's tradition - screw you if you don't like it.

Q: Why do you do this web site when you could just use Yahoo or Foxsports?
A: Yahoo is for yahoos. All the rest are for chuckers who have no orginality or sense of humor. If you're not unique, you should just go away. Typical fantasy league: "I'm in with 8 people I don't know, we have a league on Yahoo. Half the owners haven't paid. We did an automatic draft. I got some of the players I wanted. The commissioner keeps changing the rules midseason. And I sit around all day Sunday hitting refresh on my computer." Anyway, the commish's wife can use jitleague.com on her web portfolio, although this forces Mr Commish to attempt to keep the language and perversions to a minimum.

Q: How do you do the draft?
A: The draft started as 6 guys sitting around a table drinking beers and picking players on paper, figuring it out as we went. Today, it has evolved into a Vegas based draft with some owners in attendance and the (slackers) others participating online in a chat room moderated by the commissioner. The draft order is completely random each year with names drawn from a hat. The rounds are rolling; last pick in first round gets first pick in second round. No players are kept either - it's a clean slate every year. Sack up and get it done or shut up.

Q: What kind of prizes and giveaways are there?
A: Year one was mainly just for fun - $30 to get in and $100 to the winner. Today it's considerably more, at risk of tipping the IRS. Safe to say the winner could buy a nice TV with the prize. We also have high game and season point total bonuses. In addition, we added a trophy in year 7 that's a phat Heisman replica, held by the past year's winner for the season, provided they show to Vegas. It has a name plaque for each year's winner as well. There have also been giveaways, mainly provided through the generousity of the commissioner, including t-shirts, hats and beer mugs with the logos and slogans on them.

Q: How do teams come and go from the league?
A: A variety of ways. The league expanded several times, mostly because more people wanted in and it made sense at the time. Some have left because of the increasing league fees, and/or the lack of time to keep up to make it worth the league fees. Some - well, one - has been summarily rejected because of too much bitching about Q#2 and because the commish didn't really like him anyway.

More to come...
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