(As determined by a team of legal experts in conjunction with the football mind of Curly Howard and the fantasy ideals of Ricardo Montalban, upheld by the Supreme Court of Southern Yemen as pure and unadulterated.)

1. Each Team Roster consists of 14 players made up of Quarterback(s), Running Back(s), Wide Receiver(s), Tight End(s), Kicker(s) and Defense(s)/Special Teams, in any number, so long as the total at no time exceeds 14.
2. Each week a playing roster for each team be turned in consisting of 1 Quarterback, 1 Running Backs, 2 Wide Receivers, 1 Tight End, 1 Kicker, 1 Defense/Special Teams and 2 "Flex" players from the Running Back, Wide Receiver or Tight End position, for a total of 9 active players. If a team roster does not have an active player from any of the aforementioned categories, the playing roster will forfeit that position for the week. No substitutions are permitted.
3. The scoring will consist of the total points scored by each player on the active playing roster for that given week the playing roster is playing. The scoring chart immediately follows these rules.
4. Playing rosters must be turned in by kickoff of the first game of the week in the NFL Schedule that an active player on the roster is playing. In the instance where a playing roster is not received on time, the playing roster from the previous week will be used. Changes to rosters may be made as long as a player has not started his game for the week and there is an available roster spot.
5. Rosters must be entered on the JIT web site, or transmitted to the commissioner via email or phone in the case of an emergency.
6. Trades consist of two owners exchanging an equal number of player(s). Any trade which is to be included on the playing roster must be completed and confirmed before the first NFL game kickoff for a given week, using the standard roster submittal rules. If it is not, then the new player is ineligible to compete until the following week.
7. Free agent signings consist of owners adding players to their team who are not currently on a roster of another JIT league team, and the coincident release of an equal number of player(s). Free agent signings are open and unencumbered until kickoff of Week 1 of the season, and are confirmed immediately. After kickoff of Week 1, transactions are submitted to the Waiver Wire. All claims for the same player will be evaluated based on the Waiver Wire order, which is initially based on reverse draft order. A team making multiple Free Agent claims whence a claim for the same player has made by other teams, will be awarded the player in the first transaction made chronologically. Upon completion of this transaction, this team will move to the end of the Waiver Wire for subsequent transactions where multiple teams put claims in for the same player. All Waiver Wire transactions will be confirmed at midnight Eastern Wednesday, with the acquired player available for the Thursday night game. After the Waiver Wire completes for a given week, owners may pick up free agents until that player's game has kicked off for the week, after which the player will be subject to the next Waiver Wire. These transactions will occur immediately and the player will be available for that week's roster until that player's game has kicked off for the week.
8. Each owner will be allowed a unlimited free agent transactions during the season. Free agent transactions have no end date and may continue through the playoffs. Trades are unlimited. The trade cutoff date is prior to kickoff Week 12. All transactions are subject to review by the league office and may be voided if foul play is suspected.
9. Updated rosters will be on the web immediately after a trade or free agent signing is confirmed. Transactions will also be confirmed via email.
10. Charges are as follows: $XXX.00 entrance fee. (Amount withheld for IRS purposes.) Fees are due by draft day. If fees are not received by draft day, the non-paying team forfeits their draft and will have a team chosen at random by a ship of fools. If fees are not received by Week 1 kickoff, all points scored for that week and each subsequent week the fees are not received are forfeited.
11. The season will be 14 weeks long followed by 2 weeks of playoffs. Each team will play division members twice and all other teams once. Winners each week will be determined by the team scoring the most points. Ties will count as ties during the regular season. Final rankings will be determined as such: Each win will count 10 points. High scorer for the week will receive a bonus of 5 points. Second highest will receive 4, and so on down to 1 bonus point. Ties in total points will be awarded the sum of the place points divided by the number of teams tying. Total points accumulated for the season will determine rankings. The top 6 teams point-wise regardless of division or conference will make the playoffs. Ties for playoff entry or seeding are broken by record for the season, then by head to head matchup, then by high game score.
12. The playoffs will be a shootout format (rather than head-to-head matchups). Playoff games will be scored the same as the regular season, except each owner must submit 1 "overtime" player consisting of a QB, RB, WR or TE whose points will be used only in the event of a tie. If a tie still exists after using the overtime player's points, the tie will be broken by total points for the season. The 3 top scorers of round 1 will play in a total point contest for the championship. The highest scorer for that week will win the championship, the second highest will take second, the third will take third. The aforementioned overtime rules apply to the championship as well.
13. All teams, including the 6 teams who do not make the playoffs are eligible for both high point bonuses and will continue submitting lineups through week 16 (championship week). Scores from weeks 15 and 16 will be tallied for said bonuses.
14. The draft order will be determined by a blind drawing. The owner who is picking 12th and last in the first round will also pick 13th and first in the second round. Teams have 1 minute to make their selection during the draft. The clock will start when the commissioner completes the recording of the previous pick and notifies the next team they are on the clock.
15. The draft is conducted at JIT Headquarters in Las Vegas. Drafts in years divisible by 5 are mandatory attendance. Drafts in other years are available online for chumps not making the trip.
16. The pot is $XXX. The winner of the JIT league championship will receive $XXX. The runner up will receive $XXX, and the third place team receives $XXX. There are high total points for the season and high game bonuses of $XXX. (Amount withheld for IRS purposes.)
17. Greg Mest is said commissioner. Email = commissioner@jitleague.com. Phone = 619-203-1716.

Points Method
6 Rushing TD
Receiving TD
Defensive INT TD
Defensive Fumble TD
Special Teams Kickoff Return TD*
Special Teams Punt Return TD*
Special Teams Punt Block Return TD*
Special Teams Field Goal Block Return TD*
4 Passing TD
3 Field Goal
2 Rushing 2 pt. Conversion
Receiving 2 pt. Conversion
Defensive Safety
1 Passing 2 pt. Conversion
Kicking Extra Point
  * by the team who is returning, not by the individual

Those never attending JIT Draft in Vegas more likely to be kicked out of league on the occasion of such a decision needing to be made.
Those who draft sober not only shouldn't draft but are more likely to be kicked out of league on the occasion of such a decision needing to be made.
Those who bitch about the rules or anything else about the league piss off the commissioner, who puts a lot of time and money into the league without asking for anything in return, are more likely to be kicked out of league on the occasion of such a decision needing to be made.
Those who do not talk smack not only are p**sies but are more likely to be kicked out of league on the occasion of such a decision needing to be made.
Those who pay late, turning in lineups late, or do anything late not only piss the commissioner but are more likely to be kicked out of league on the occasion of such a decision needing to be made.
Those who do not answer emails with simple, straightforward questions not only piss off the commissioner and make his job harder but are more likely to be kicked out of league on the occasion of such a decision needing to be made.

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